Special Spicy Lombok Cuisine

Culture starts from the habits of the people. Culture is formed from the habits or customs of this community which also forms the pattern of life in the community. Ranging from behavior patterns to matters of food consumption. In this article we will review the typical spicy Lombok cuisine.

Each tribe has their own taste in cooking food. Manggarai ethnic cuisine will be different from Bajo ethnic cuisine. It’s also different from the Padang tribe. Padang people like dishes that are thick and oily. Likewise, when you taste traditional cuisine in Lombok, you will know that the favorite flavor of the people of Lombok is the spicy taste.

Although the name Lombok has the same meaning as chili in Javanese, the spicy flavor of traditional cuisine in Lombok has nothing to do with the name Lombok. From various literatures, the name Lombok comes from the kawi language lomboq which means straight.

Special Spicy Lombok Cuisine

Some typical Lombok spicy dishes are processed with herbs and different ways from how you cook in the kitchen. Here is the review!

1. Rembiga Satay

Special Spicy Lombok Cuisine
Rembiga Satay. Source IG @restobaleselong

This satay is different from the usual satay sold in Indonesia. This satay has a distinctive taste because of its processing by soaking the basic ingredients of beef in sweet and spicy herbs. Lombok’s traditional satay is usually served with rice.

This satay is special because it is low in fat. So this satay is very suitable as a snack for those of you who undergo a diet program. Because the satay seasoning has permeated the meat, you don’t actually need to use additional sauce, chilli sauce or soy sauce. Just add rice, satay is ready to eat.

2. Taliwang grilled chicken

Special Spicy Lombok Cuisine
Taliwang chicken. Source IG @yuhuukitchen

Taliwang grilled chicken is the mainstay of the Lombok community. This menu is always provided in restaurants in Lombok. Restaurants in Lombok have an important role to introduce this traditional cuisine to the outside community.

Taliwang grilled chicken is a processed native chicken that is covered with various spices. Then burn with smoked chili seasonings so that the resulting flavor becomes distinctive. With such a process, the spices used will seep into the roast chicken meat.

This traditional cuisine has a historical story. It is said that when Karangasem Kingdom in Bali was at war with the Selaparang Kingdom, the people of Taliwang Kingdom were brought in by the Selaparang Kingdom as a mediator to mediate the conflict. Some of the mediators are cooks, so that in the mediation process between the two kingdoms, special dishes are prepared which are prepared by Taliwang Kingdom cooks. And that special dish is a grilled chicken menu now called Taliwang grilled chicken.

2. Rarang Roast Chicken

Special Spicy Lombok Cuisine
Rarang Chicken. Source IGwilliammasura

The name Rarang comes from the name of a village in East Lombok. This recipe comes from a woman named Inaq Delah who is an expert in the processing of special dishes of the Sasak tribe. He created from processed Sasak tribe chicken with seasonings that were modified to match the tongue of people outside the Sasak Tribe. And this recipe is passed down to our children and grandchildren until now.

This special dish from Sasak tribe is processed by roasting chicken on a stove with firewood. After that the chicken is cut and poured into a bright red and oily spicy seasoning. This extra spicy seasoning produces the unique taste of Rarang Chicken. If you enjoy this traditional preparation, your sweat will pour profusely.

That’s a review of the typical spicy Lombok cuisine that we can convey. Hopefully this article useful for you. Maybe the typical Lombok dish doesn’t suit your taste, but you can try it if you’re curious. You can enjoy delicious Lombok cuisine at the best places by purchasing Lombok tour packages offered by Nusatourindo

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