Adventure to Mount Rinjani That Challenges Adrenalin

Lombok Island, located in the east of Bali, is an island with a majority of natural conditions in the form of mountains. With good natural scenery and close to the island of Bali which has always been a mainstay of tourism in Indonesia, Lombok is the second tourist destination after the island of Bali, especially for foreign tourists. Adventure to Mount Rinjani is one of the favorite agendas for tourists who love challenges.

The existence of tourist destinations in Lombok has a big influence on the people of Lombok and the local government. With the flow of tourists visiting the island of Lombok, many citizens take advantage of this moment by opening businesses related to the theme of tourism. Starting from building lodging, pioneering car rental and restaurant, business in Lombok more and more scattered.

For lovers of adventure tourism surely know the existence of the mountain which is the pride of the Sasak tribe in Lombok. The mountain is Mount Rinjani which is the third highest mountain in Indonesia and is claimed to be one of the most beautiful peaks in Asia. With a height of 3,726 meters above sea level, Mount Rinjani is a favorite tracking spot for both professional and novice climbers.

For novice mountaineers it’s good to find information in advance about Mount Rinjani. You do not get hurt because of lack of preparation in tracking. Actually, when you are going to a place that you do not know then with the internet you can find information about that place. Many articles on the internet discuss a place like Mount Ranijani. So when you will track Mount Rinjani you can learn the route on the Internet.

Sembalun Route

Tracking on Mount Rinjani usually passes the Sembalun – Senaru route, passing Senaru when going up and passing Sembalun when going down or vice versa. By requiring a standard time of 4 to 5 days, the fatigue of the track will be paid for by the beautiful natural charm of Rinjani given by God.

If you hike through Sembalun, on the way to post 1 will be treated to a beautiful view of the fields and rice fields of the population. In addition, your eyes will be spoiled with grass that is in all directions. This grass will look green and beautiful in the rainy season. Sembalun is close to the beautiful Sendang Gile waterfall.

From post 1 to post 2 tracking is not so draining for those who are fit. And in post 2 there are sources of springs and toilets. Because there are these facilities, post 2 is made a place of rest.

From post 2 to Plawangan the terrain is very heavy because it is soil and rocky, so there is no vegetation that can be used as a place of rest and shelter from the sun. In this plawangan you can be a little relieved because there are rivers and rest areas. But you must always be aware of your lunch because there are many monkeys who often steal the lunches of visitors.

Beautiful Rinjani. Source Unsplash

Plawangan Resting Post

Plawangan is the final resting spot before reaching the peak of Rinjani. And this is where Segara Anakan looks. After you take a break you can reach the top with extra energy over the sandy incline. So here is the toughest when you almost reach the peak but are attacked by a cold night storm.

While here there is no large stone as a shelter. Even though at night there are often night storms which are troublesome for climbing, but climbers usually reach the summit of Rinjani at night. This is so you can see the sunrise at the most beautiful peak in Indonesia.

Segara Anakan

Segara Anakan Lake. Source Unsplash

After enjoying the peak, you will go down to your favorite place to set up your tent, which is Segara Anakan. The beautiful lake below the summit of Mount Rinjani is made into the arena of setting up tents because there are many sources of water. In the immediate future you can swim, fish, cook or just rest.

There is a spring on the lake of Segara Anakan. In addition there are also hot springs that come out of the ground and rocks. Usually the mountaineers use this hot water for bathing so that the fatigue and stiffness of the body’s muscles is slightly cured. So in Segara Anakan, you can choose to take a shower with cold water or warm water.

After completing the adventure to Mount Rinjani there will certainly be an unforgettable moment on this island of 1000 mosques. Therefore you can travel to other parts of the island of Lombok on other occasions. You can entrust a tour to Lombok to a Lombok tour packages service provider, Nusatourindo.

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