Angel Island Labuan Bajo, Beauty in the Sea

Around the Komodo Island there are small islands that are exotic and have beautiful views. One that is often visited by foreign tourists is Angel Island Labuan bajo which is located not so far from Komodo Island. This island is like other islands in Labuan Bajo which is not too large because it only has an area of 15 hectares.

Among other islands such as Padar Island, Kanawa Island and Komodo Island, Angel Island is not very well known. Maybe because of its beauty rivaled by the popularity of the island of Komodo, which is located not far from Angel Island. To go to Angel Island you only need 10 minutes to cross by boat.

The beauty of Angel Island Labuan Bajo

Angel Island Labuan Bajo
The Beauty of Beach in Angel Island. Source Instagram @ujezzz1107

The island is in the form of hills, trees and beautiful white sand on its coast. Most tourists like to come here because they can see turquoise water with small waves. Sometimes the beach is calm and pleasant to use as a place to relax. You will see tourists relaxing, diving and snorkeling around the island.

The name of the island was originally Bajo Island but was later changed to Angel Island. There are several versions of the story that underlie the name change from Bajo to Bidadari (Angel). It is said that on this beautiful island grows many bidara trees so that it is named Bidadari Island. Another version is because the island has beautiful views so it is named Angel Island.

Diving and Snorkeling

The waters around Angel Island are the best place for amateur divers because the waves and currents are not so strong. If you are interested in diving, you can explore the underwater life on this island with the snorkeling equipment that you have. You will see coral reefs and marine life with colorful fish from a depth of 5 meters.

You can find large sea turtles if you are able to dive deeper. For those of you who don’t have a diving license, you can snorkel around the island to enjoy the coral reefs. The beauty of marine life on Angel Island is still original. The dive sites around Labuan Bajo are famous as the best dive sites in the world.

That’s why divers from all over the world come to Labuan Bajo to enjoy diving packages. Besides diving and snorkeling, you can still do other water activities. Many interesting activities that can be explored here. If you want to spend your vacation in a peaceful place, Angel Island is the right destination.

Management of Angel Island

Bajo Island and its surroundings in the past were under the authority of Bajo courtiers. Retainer Bajo has a very wide territory to the border with West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). HM Yusuf, a figure in Labuan Bajo, is known as a descendant of the Bajo Retainer, meaning he has power over Angel Island.

Ernest Lewandosky, a British turtle expert, claimed to have bought Angel Island from HM Yusuf for Rp. 459 million. Lewandosky lived on the island with his wife for a long time. He refused local residents, especially fishermen, to approach the island while fishing.

On March 1, 2006, NTT Land Department Officer Johanes Veky Leba said that the National Defense Agency (BPN) of the Manggarai Regency had granted a building rights (HGB) certificate for 35 years for 35 years to a company owned by Ernest Lewandosky.

Many small islands in Indonesia are sold to private companies or individuals to be developed into tourist destinations. Although this makes the island well organized, it is not uncommon to cause problems with the local population.

Angel Island Labuan Bajo
Angel Island labuan bajo. Source Instagram @fungkeyfey

Facilities on Angel Island

There are 10 cottages with five star services and restaurants. Resorts on this island provide diving facilities with international standards. Facilities in the cottage are a mini bar, a private terrace, hot water, a doctor, a laundry, a security guard, and much more. You don’t need to worry about anything when visiting Bidadari Island, Labuan Bajo.

That’s the review of the island of Labuan Bajo, which has perfect beauty. You can visit this exotic island by buying Komodo tour packages from nusatourindo. We are waiting for your arrival. thanks.

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