Fascinating Sights in Lombok Island

There are many fascinating sights in Lombok Island. Although it’s not as popular as Bali, the stunning island at the west side, there are still many places remain untouched and as natural as heaven. By the way, this is a little bit of exaggeration but true.

Lombok is an island that is part of the lesser Sunda Islands, sandwiched between famous Bali and uncharted Sumbawa island.  This island is in the beginning of popularity growth as more tourists skipping Bali to lombok’s unspoiled Gilis, Waterfall and many sightseeing spots.

Pink Beach
beach with pink sand only in Lombok. Source Instagram @qslnexahannisa

There are some differences between Bali and Lombok such as culture, religious background and landmarks. If you are more familiar with Bali, it doesn’t mean that you are prepared enough to visit Lombok right away. But don’t worry, it doesn’t need so much effort either for simply understanding it.

Culture highlights

Lombok’s people are predominantly Moslem while Bali is Hindu. It affects the culture and landmarks. The locals make concentrated efforts to uphold their cultural tradition which is unique as they mix Islam and animistic beliefs. This unique cultural communities practice tradition are based from Sasak tribe which dominates local population.

There are also few number of people predominantly Hindu at some places. The people are from Balinese origin as they are born and raised here. So, in some places, there are many Hinduism celebration and landmarks as same as Bali.

Other than that is Christianity minority that predominantly European, Australian and New Zealand origins. This people are origins who are resident or semi-permanent residents of Lombok.

The main local language is Sasak as the majority language. Bahasa Indonesia is spoken or at least understood by local people. English is only common and spoken by people who involved in the tourism sector such as resort area, travel package agent, tour guide, etc., and also spoken by few local driver transportation and few local dealer.

How to get to Lombok

There are two options, the airplane and the boat. Road trip is included the boat as this island is between the sea. Flights operate from many cities in Indonesia to Lombok International Airport. While boat trip from East Java or Bali operates to many ports in Lombok. There are some alternative between those two options in terms of price and duration of travel.

Fascinating Sights in Lombok Island
one of the beautiful beaches on the island of Lombok. Source Unsplash

Getting around

There are many local transport options such minivan, ojek, taxi, horse cart, car rental, renting motorbike or by bicycle and walking. For public transportation such as minivan (bemo), ojek and taxi only operates in bigger towns like Mataram City. Beyond that, if you intend to explore many places, renting (car, motorbike or bicycle) are your only options.

For accommodation option, there are many places for staying. There are hotels, villas, resorts and many other type of place to stay. Not only around the city, but there are places to stay by the beach, gilis, etc.

Fascinating Spot

Lombok offers many fascinating sight spots that have incredible view. Unlike Bali, Lombok is becoming increasingly popular place for whom want to relax in more quiet, inexpensive, tropical place with natural and majestic scenery. Here are some of it!

1. Gilis

3 most popular tiny islands, -tiny island is the definition of gili- are located only 20 minutes by boat : Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air are packed with stunning view, un-crowded atmosphere and natural treasure. There are still another unpopular gili that worth visiting. Some tourist attractions in the form of a tiny island is no less beautiful with a Manta Point Komodo in the underwater scenery.

2. Senggigi

Senggigi is the most well developed tourist area where there are hotels, restaurants and entertainment spots packed with visitors. One of the most favorite surf spots is Senggigi Beach. Local people also friendly, so you can do small talk with them.

3. Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano of Indonesian with beautiful scenery. There are lake, Sendang Gile waterfall, sightseeing spot that can also be enjoyed by trekking tour package. Some say it’s expensive but worth it.

4. Pink Beach

If you never see any pink sand beach, this is the place that you should visit. Pink beach is common name for Tangsi Beach. You need a good camera lens to really see the pink color on the beach. In this area you can also canoeing and snorkeling.

Fascinating Sights in Lombok Island
The sea around the island of Lombok. Source Unsplash

5. Benang Kelambu Waterfall

Benang Kelambu is named because the waterfall which the cascade falls over the edge of a green plants cliff so the cascade looks like curtain of lush. The waterfall is 20 meter high located in the Mount Rinjani. It’s the perfect alternative place besides tropical beach.

Finally, there are the places if you really like fascinating sights in Lombok island. Other than what I have mentioned above, there are still many places if you like to visit. You can go to this place by using the services of a Lombok tour package. I hope this article has given you any inspiration of interesting place in lombok. So, have you decided to visit Lombok yet?

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