Rangko Cave in Labuan Bajo, The Beauty of The Deserted

A beautiful place in the east of the Lombok island is Labuan Bajo. Its tourist destinations are very diverse. Many of the best places in Labuan Bajo to enjoy the sunset. If you are going to visit Labuan Bajo then plan to relax while enjoying the sunset with your loved ones.

There are still many places you can visit besides some tourist destinations that are famous among tourists. Komodo tour packages offered by Nusatourindo serve tourist tours not only Komodo tours, but many beautiful tourist destinations that we offer. One of them is Rangko Cave in Labuan Bajo which has beauty but is not well known to the public.

Natural Pool Rangko Cave in Labuan Bajo

Rangko Cave in Labuan Bajo is a cave that is formed naturally and filled with natural sea water. There is a cavity between the cave and the sea which is not far from the location of the cave so that sea water can fill the mouth of the cave. This cave is also often called Crocodile Cave even though there is no crocodile that lives in this tourist area.

The atmosphere in Rangko Cave is quite because there are no other animals like bats that live in the cave. You will enjoy the silence and extraordinary beauty. With calm water and decoration in the form of stalactites on it the view inside this cave is truly amazing. This is one alternative tourist destination as long as you visit Komodo Island.

Swim together in Rangko cave. Source Instagram @rizqipps

Hidden Location

The location of Rangko Cave in Labuan Bajo is hidden. Because it is rare to write about this beautiful cave, tourists who come to this cave are still rare. To get to this tourist destination must go through various stages of travel from crossing by boat to using a motorcycle taxi vehicle.

The exact location of Rangko Cave is to the north of Labuan Bajo. To get there you can use a wooden boat with a one and a half hour long trip or use a speed boat with a 30 minute long journey. After arriving in Boleng sub-district the journey was not finished. You need to continue the journey using a motorcycle taxi.

There is no public transportation in that place, only private vehicles such as motorbikes and boats. After traveling on a motorcycle taxi for 45 minutes you will arrive at Rangko village. Is the trip over? Apparently not yet. You must continue the journey by small boat for 10 minutes and continue walking for 5 minutes. This is a tiring journey.

Swim in a Saltwater Pool

The tiring journey will pay after you reach Rangko Cave. There is a saltwater pool with a fairly high salt content. So before you decide to swim in the cave make sure there are no blisters on your skin. If there are abrasions on your skin it will feel sore when coming in contact with sea water that has a high salt content. This cave is quite clear even though the water in it has a high salt content. Even you can see the basic life of this saltwater cave clearly without having to throw yourself into the water.

Additional information

Because there is no public transportation and also public facilities around Rangko Cave, to enjoy the beauty of Rangko Cave is free of charge. All for free. It’s just that you need to pay for transportation costs and also hire the services of a local tour guide who will accompany you while enjoying the beauty of Rangko Cave.

The beauty in the Rangko cave. Source Instagram @pergipedia

It is recommended to visit Rangko Cave in the afternoon. Then you can leave in the morning. Besides during the daytime the condition of Rangko Cave is bright because of sunlight, transportation to Rangko Cave is only available in the afternoon. At night the fishermen who rent boats and residents who offer motorcycle taxis do not operate.

In addition, if you return from Rangko Cave too late in the afternoon the water will recede and the boat cannot dock at its proper place. Therefore you are required to go to a boat that waits at sea by walking through shallow waters as far as 500 meters to a boat that does not lean towards the dock without any safety equipment. So pay attention to the time of visit Rangko Cave in Labuan Bajo.

That’s the review of Goa Rangko in Labuan Bajo. Hopefully this article can provide a reference for those of you who are going on vacation to Labuan Bajo. Don’t forget to read our other articles about the beauty of Nanggi Hill only on this website. thanks.

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