5 Romantic Places in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo has a variety of beautiful places to visit. Like the panorama of hills, beaches, to the traditional villages. The charm of Labuan Bajo can be found in these places. Therefore, do not hesitate to make Labuan Bajo as a destination of romantic tourist destinations with your family. Here are some recommendations for romantic places in Labuan Bajo to visit with your family.

Romantic Place in Labuan Bajo

1. Blue Parrot

Blue Parrot is an inn located approximately 5 minutes journey from the Port of Labuan Bajo. This place is one of the recommendations for a romantic place because it has an edge terrace that allows visitors to watch the sea view with maximum beauty.

families or newlyweds who are still confused about the location of the honeymoon seems to have to consider Labuan Bajo. The location is easy to reach, many beautiful natural tourist destinations, and do not forget one of the wonders of the world that inhabits this island.

2. Golo Hilltop

Romantic lodging which is the next recommendation is Golo Hilltop. Golo Hilltop, located on the top of the hill, allows you to enjoy the view of the open sea and the surrounding green forest. Golo Hilltop Hotel is the perfect choice. You can stay in this romantic hotel if you use the Komodo tour package from Nusatourindo.

From the city center not too far away, only about 1 km and the airport can be reached within 15 minutes. The environment is well maintained and the location adjacent to Komodo Airport, Ferry Terminal, Labuan Bajo Harbor provides added value to this hotel.

3. Bukit Cinta

Bukit Cinta has a romantic and so beautiful sunset atmosphere. Therefore, this moment is used by families and young people to take pictures together. To visit Bukit Cinta, you need about 30 minutes to travel north from Labuan Bajo. The journey to Bukit Cinta passes the uphill road, it takes effort to reach the top of Bukit Cinta.

Towards dusk, many tourists who capture the sunset at Bukit Cinta. Blue sea with ships passing by, rows of trees, green hills will spoil the eyes of every tourist. As the name implies, anyone who is already on this hill will fall in love with the scenery on this hill.

4. Kelor Island

Romantic Place in Labuan Bajo

Another destination not to be missed while visiting Flores or Labuan Bajo is Kelor Island. Located in Manggarai Regency, this attraction will spoil you and your family with the beauty of the island.

Besides being able to relax and take a break from the noise of the urban atmosphere, this island can be used as the best location for capturing romantic moments with family. The natural beauty of Kelor Island will definitely be a beautiful and impressive photo background. This place looks so perfect with white sandy beaches and small waves combined with crystal clear sea water. In this Keluan Labuan Bajo Island you can enjoy the verdant view of the surrounding islands.

In another corner, this island also has a hill area that can be climbed. When summer comes, this hill will change color to a dry brown savanna. From the top of this hill, you can contently enjoy the beauty of the blue sea water that blends perfectly with the natural surroundings.

5. Manta Point

Manta Point Komodo
The beauty of manta rays. Source Unsplash

If you and your family both like diving activities, Labuan Bajo has a variety of spots that can be used for snorkeling and diving like Manta Point. For that, those of you who like these activities can visit Manta Point. The location which is considered to have the best underwater panorama in Labuan Bajo is a habitat for a variety of endangered protected species.

In this attraction, you can find Manta Ray, one of the rare and protected aquatic animals. Seeing the life of a group of Manta Ray in their natural habitat will certainly be a memorable holiday moment with family.

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