The most popular waterfall in Lombok

Lombok has a variety of beautiful tourist destinations. The beauty of Lombok can be seen from the scene. The most famous in Lombok is its marine tourism. Nipah Beach, Gili Kedis, Gili Air and several other tourist destinations in Lombok are truly impressive. All these tourist destinations are related to sea water. What about tours on land? Of course there are still many tourist destinations in areas far from the sea. One of them is a waterfall tour. There are some of the most popular waterfalls in Lombok which are often visited by tourists. This is a popular waterfall in Lombok

Benang Kelambu Waterfall

The most popular waterfall in Lombok
Benang kelambu waterfall. Source Unsplash

This waterfall is indeed unique. With a thin but wide waterfall that resembles a mosquito net, the name of this waterfall is Benang Kelambu which mean Yarn Netting. Benang Kelambu waterfall has a location not far from the city of Mataram which is about 32 kilometers from the city center. With a trip using a four-wheeled vehicle you will quickly find this place. But it is advisable to ask the travel agent because this place only has one signpost.

To enter this tourist area you are only charged around 5000 rupiah. Do not forget when you get to the entrance to buy drinking water as a provision because you have to travel by foot for 500 meters. And during the trip drinking water is needed. In addition you can enjoy a variety of foods that are sold near the entrance to the tourist area.

Like the Sendang Gile waterfall which is adjacent to other tourist destinations, namely Tiu Kelep waterfall, Benang Kelambu waterfall is also close to other waterfalls which are also a tourist destination, that is Benang Setokel waterfall. Therefore, if you visit this tourist area, don’t forget to visit these two beautiful waterfalls. In order not to encounter difficulties you can use the services of Lombok tour packages to visit it.

Sendang Gile Waterfall

Sendang Gile means ‘crazy lion’ in Sasak Tribes language. Indeed, the existence of this crazy spring waterfall is inseparable from the myths and stories that circulate in the community. It is said that in the past there was a lion’s shroud raging and ravaging a village. The villagers then rushed to catch the lion. Finally the lion ran away and entered the forest. People who tracked the lion’s escape into the forest found a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the forest. So what is called a waterfall called spring ball.

The location of Sendang Gile waterfall is on the Mount Rinjani adventure tourism route so it is very easy to find. Usually the mountainers will stop by this waterfall before tracking to Mount Rinjani. The exact location is in the village of Senaru, District Bayan, North Lombok. From the city of Mataram, Lombok this place is quite far with a 9-hour trip by car.

Although the journey is long but you will be stunned when you find the view of a beautiful waterfall with two levels. The upper level is the water that emerges from the peak will plunge and be accommodated in a pond that is on the hill. After that the water will fall into the river below it from the natural reservoir on the hill. The uniqueness of the spring waterfall is nothing like it.

Tiu Kelep Waterfall

In addition there is a Sendang Gile waterfall in Senaru, there is also a waterfall in Tiu Kelep which is no less beautiful. This waterfall has a height of about 42 meters in the form of a pool as deep as the waist of an adult so for those of you who want fresh water can take a shower under the waterfall.

In the past few years at this waterfall there was a landslide which caused three tourists to die. Landslides from this waterfall are not because of poor management of the forest but because of an earthquake that came suddenly. But this tourist destination is safe from disaster for now.

Like the Sendang Gile waterfall, the Tiu Kelep waterfall has a water source from Mount Rinjani, one of the mountains with the most beautiful views of the peak in Lombok. If you have the opportunity to visit Lombok or climb to Mount Rinjani, you can stop at the Tiu Kelep waterfall, which is located not so far from the Senaru climbing post or Sendang Gile waterfall.

The most popular waterfall in Lombok
Waterfall in Lombok. Source Unsplash

Umar Maya Waterfall

Unlike some waterfalls in Lombok, this waterfall has a large pool and contains sulfur so it is good to be used as a location for skin disease therapy. With greenish white water and lush plants around it make it look beautiful. This waterfall is located in Bilok Petung, one of the villages that has the oldest place of worship in Lombok.

With a waterfall only 6 meters high, this waterfall has a unique historical story. The name Umar Maya is the name of a king in Lombok who has supernatural powers. It is said that this king has a hermitage in the cave behind the flow of the waterfall which is named Umar Maya.

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