Tips Cheap and Safe Car Rental for Foreigners in Lombok

Every traveler would want to get a cheap car rental with a friendly driver to accompany their tour while on the island of Lombok. Get cheap car rental rates for every tourist guest from outside Indonesia. Getting cheap prices is really encouraging but make sure to pay attention to the condition of the car being rented so that the journey is not obstructed by things that are not desirable.

Expenses when traveling on the island of Lombok, should not exceed the target set. Before it became a very challenging tour. With a driver who guides a friendly trip and knows a lot about tourist objects on the island of Lombok is a special satisfaction for tourists, especially for tourists who are not too familiar with attractions on the island of Lombok.

Here are tips on renting cheap and safe cars in Lombok. Be sure to read tips on traveling to Lombok for foreign tourists

Tips Cheap and Safe Car Rental
Cheap car rental prices are not necessarily the car in bad condition. Source Unsplash

1. Comparing Rental Prices

Before being offered a car, it is important to find references about rental rates offered by each rental service in Lombok. So you can get the rental price from the money provided. Car rental is currently very flexible, can be adjusted to the needs and according to needs. Starting from per 6 hours, 12 hours to 24 hours which costs between Rp. 300,000 to more than Rp. 1,000,000 or depending on the type of car and car load capacity.

2. Order Advance

Preparing for the holidays is better not to be sudden, especially with regards to car rental. To choose a rental car, tourists need to consider when and how long the car will be rented. Including considering when to rent a car. Because if the holidays, weekends, and national holidays, car demand is usually increased. Therefore, make a booking to a car rental service so that tourists can ensure the availability of the car so that when leaving for the island of Lombok is certain that the car is available and can be used. The purpose of booking a car rental in advance so that tourists avoid the price game and can adjust to the money that has been prepared by tourists. Better to confirm prices before choosing a car rental to ensure the money is prepared for car rental.

3. Know the Terms of Renting a Car

Know the conditions that must be met by tourists as tenants. Usually the conditions proposed by the car rental owner are quite detailed, including asking for a real Tourist ID because now many crimes occur with the perpetrators pretending to rent a car. Follow and fulfill the proposed requirements, but if you have an acquaintance or subscription, the requirements are usually not too complicated even without any conditions. Because using a car rental service for mutual trust is better and does not violate the trust given.

4. Choosing a Car as Needed

The greater the car being rented, the greater the money that must be prepared to rent a car, including the length of use. Before choosing a rental car, consider who will take a vacation, how many passengers, and what items must be brought. Then where to go while in Lombok, so when choosing a rental car can be adjusted to the needs.

So that undesirable things do not happen, such as when renting a small car is apparently not enough to accommodate luggage and passengers who come to make the vacation so uncomfortable. Or maybe the car being rented is too big so there is a lot of free space left. If there is a car that suit tourists’ needs and the price is cheaper, what’s the harm if rented according to needs.

5. Ask Car Conditions and Facilities

Knowing the condition of the car before the car key is given is the most important thing when choosing a car rental. Tourists must ask and be careful about the condition of the car to be used. If there really is a shortage of cars, tourists can immediately ask for a suitable car to use. Like the condition of the tires and the engine is not good. So that when the trip does not happen things that are not desirable, such as a car breaking down because the engine is actually not feasible to use.

So be careful and ask about the condition of the car clearly, so that tourists do not feel disadvantaged. Expensive to pay for a rental car was damaged on the road so that the vacation was not fun. Do not forget to also ask about the facilities obtained at the price of the rental car. Is the rental car off key without a driver, added the driver, or a rental package added fuel. Ask clearly what facilities travelers get so there are no misunderstandings. But it’s good to find a car rental service that includes a driver to anticipate the ignorance of the path to the tourist attraction.

Tips Cheap and Safe Car Rental
Make sure the car you rent is in good condition when renting a car. Source Unsplash

6. Pay Attention to Other Things

When choosing a car rental is indeed quite confusing and sometimes a lot of traps. For this reason, look for lots of information about reliable car rental services so that tourists are not disappointed. Provide security money to avoid lack of money because tourists do not know what things can happen unexpectedly.

So that you do not need to worry if need money outside the target that has been calculated. It’s also a good idea to ask for references from close friends or other family members who have used car rental services on the island of Lombok. Become smarter and more careful when choosing a car rental because it can save tourists from unexpected things, especially when visiting the island of Lombok for the first time. Or you can also entrust the services of Lombok tour packages that already have transportation services.

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