Tips for traveling to Lombok for Foreign Tourists

Have you ever visited Bali? It’s beautiful right? You need to visit Lombok if you want to see a different beauty. Lombok has an area that exceeds the island of Bali. And in that vast area there are various kinds of natural beauty that you can visit.

Although the beauty of the island of Lombok is famous in the world, but to visit there should pay attention to the following. These are tips for traveling to Lombok for foreign tourists

Kuta Beach Lombok
Beauty Beach Kuta beach Lombok. Source Instagram @michaelsitte

1. Sunblock is very important

Indonesia is a country that is crossed by the equator. That is why Indonesia has two seasons namely the rainy season and the dry season. And do not expect in the rainy season will meet the cool air. When you travel to the beach on the island of Lombok, even in the rainy season the sun is still hot and the skin will feel like burning when exposed to the sun during the day.

That’s why bringing sunblock is very important when you decide to take a vacation in the beach area. You can take a vacation to the mountains or the cool peak of Rinjani. However, you will regret when going to the island of Lombok but forget the beach visit. Pink sand on the Pink Beach Lombok will really make you stunned.

2. To dress modestly

Lombok is the world’s halal tourist destination. That means everything that is there will be adjusted to religious norms and in this case Islam. Lombok is different from Bali. Very different. In Bali the majority of the population is Hindu while in Lombok the majority are Muslim.

You know that Islam is very concerned about adherents in terms of dress. That’s why when you want to visit the island of Lombok, whose population is Muslim, you have to adjust to dress. They will really appreciate politeness. Their standards of politeness and yours might be different so study them.

You are not required to wear a veil when visiting tourist attractions. But pay attention to how you dress. What is the model of clothes you wear. Don’t look very sexy. Dress like the daily clothes of Indonesian people in general without a veil is better.

3. Always carry cash

Know that when you visit Indonesia or rather Lombok Island you visit a developing country. Developing countries are different from developed countries that have various facilities in transactions. You will need cash more than your credit card even if you have a large limit.

Not all stores provide credit card payment services. Not all tourist attractions are facilitated with an ATM that can provide cash at any time. Especially when you visit Sendang Gile waterfall in the valley of Mount Rinjani, you will be troubled if you do not provide cash.

In Indonesia just pay 2,000 rupiahs to urinate. Parking fees for motorbikes 2000 rupiahs, there are many more paid services that will be found later. Besides carrying cash, carrying money in small fractions also helps you a lot.

4. Prepare your camera!

Lombok is a very beautiful place. Because of its beauty, you will definitely capture your beautiful vacation moments. Prepare your best camera. It will feel strange if you visit a place that has a beautiful view but you don’t bring a camera.

Various photography spots on the island of Lombok. From the underwater scenery in some of the Gilis in Lombok. Gili is a beautiful small island in the middle of the sea. The beach which has a green hill background, and also the beauty of a romantic sunset. All that beauty must be stored in the camera’s memory.

When you visit tourist attractions that offer underwater scenery, then you need a special camera that can be operated under water. In various places in Lombok there are action camera rentals that can be rented to document underwater scenes when you visit the gilis or the beaches.

5. Choose a trusted Lombok travel package service

There are many companies that serve tour packages Lombok but not all of them can be trusted. Come to Lombok tourism service providers who already have experience in providing services to foreign tourists. One of Lombok’s experienced tourism service providers is Nusatourindo.

Tips for traveling to Lombok
The camera must be taken while on vacation to the island of Lombok. Source Unsplash

By using the services of Nusatourindo you can choose various tour packages offered. There are day tour packages, open trip packages, private packages and so on. You can order a package that suits your budget.

That’s a brief description tips on traveling to Lombok for foreign tourists. Don’t forget to read the article about the Manta Point Komodo that is reviewed on this website. Hopefully this article is useful for you. We await your visit to Lombok

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