Tips on Visiting Komodo Island

Indonesia has a variety of animal species. And among the wild animals in Indonesia are animals that are protected because they are threatened by poaching. One of the protected and endangered wild animals is the Komodo Dragon. Komodo, a giant lizard that only exists in Indonesia has a special behavior that you should know when close to it. So tips on visiting Komodo Island are very important to know.

Getting to Know Komodo Species

Komodo is actually a kind of large monitor lizard that only exists in Indonesia. Komodo dragon habitat is on Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Flores Island, Gili Motang and Gili Dasami. The islands are close to Padar Island which has beautiful views. These reptiles can grow and weigh 100 kilograms. With a length of between 2 to 3 meters, if you see this animal, you will imagine the phenomenal film Jurassic Park.

Komodo is a large carnivore that occupies the top position of the food chain. This means that dragons do not have predatory enemies. Therefore humans must be wise to the existence of animals around them. Komodo has a terrible reputation then this animal is very famous in the world.

Like lizards in general, dragons like to bask in the sun. The main food of the Komodo dragon is a carcass. With a keen sense of smell dragons are able to detect the presence of carcasses and blood from a distance. Saliva from the Komodo dragon contains many various decaying bacteria. These weapons need to be aware of by tourists visiting the Komodo island. This means do not get bitten even if only a small bite.

Tips on Visiting Komodo Island
Biggest lizard in the world, komodo. Source Unsplash.

Tips on Visiting Komodo island

There are some tips that must be considered when visiting Komodo Island. By following the tips and regulations that have been made by the Komodo Island conservation forest manager, your visit to the Komodo Island will be safe.

Always with a tour guide

Komodo is a wild animal and although its main food is carcasses but it is able to prey on other living creatures. So in order to avoid the attack of the wrong dragons the visitors on Komodo Island must always be in groups and be guided by a guide. Komodo dragon’s eyesight is very bad both day and night, so the Komodo dragon can not clearly detect anything that moves. Walking with a guide will be safer because the tour guide knows more about the behavior of the Komodo dragon than visitors.

Don’t make any sudden moves near Komodo

Komodo has bad eyesight that’s why all your movements must be controlled properly. Do not make moves not near the Komodo dragon. By making a sudden movement Komodo dragons will be shocked and consider it a threat. If Komodo feels threatened he can hurt anyone nearby who is considered threatening.

Don’t shout near Komodo

Komodo has good hearing. And if there were screams Komodo would hear them. If the screams are loud, sudden and close to the Komodo dragon’s position then the Komodo dragon can be shocked and angry. If you see a Komodo dragon that is sunbathing, the Komoo will look like a calm and non-aggressive animal. But remember he has a keen sense of smell and hearing. Komodo can do behavior that cannot be predicted beforehand. Then always be alert.

Do not enter the Komodo dragon habitat when menstruating

This is very important for those of you who are a woman. Komodo dragons eat carcasses and will be attracted to the smell of blood. The smell of the Komodo dragon is very good and the Komodo dragon can detect the presence of blood or carcasses at a distance of several kilometers. 

Komodo when hunting sometimes do not kill their prey. Komodo dragons only bite their prey and follow wherever their prey goes. The prey that has been bitten by Komodo dragons will die due to severe infection in the bite. Then for those of you who are menstruating, do not enter the Komodo dragon area if you do not want to be followed Komodo wherever you go.

Don’t wear red clothes

This looks really ridiculous. You certainly visit Indonesia to take a closer look at the life of the Komodo dragons instead of watching matador performances. But the conditions that must be obeyed are like that. According to local belief red clothing will provoke Komodo anger. It is not clear whether the rules are based on research or not, but because the Komodo dragon’s favorite is meat and blood, maybe red clothes may not be worn because they are colored like blood.

If chased by Komodo do not run straight

although this rarely happens but this knowledge is important. Komodo can run at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour but Komodo dragons do not turn suddenly. Animals that cannot turn when running other than dragons are wild boar. So if the dragon is chased run in zig-zag.

Tips on Visiting Komodo Island
Komodo has a terrible reputation but we can get close to this animal safely. Source Unsplash.

That’s some information and tips on visiting Komodo Island. Don’t be afraid to get close to this exotic animal. Visit the island of Komodo to see the truth. You can choose the Komodo tour package offered by Nusatourindo.Com.

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